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good friday morning i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze in a few hours the bay area will get a once in a lifetime view the space shuttle will fly over our region. john alston is live at nasa ames in mountain view where they are ready for a big public turnout also sending out a warning, right? >> reporter: yes, it is going to be pretty crowded it is quiet?k44 now the gates are goig to open in an hour at 6 a.m.. the event is free to the public and it is expect today to draw about 8 to 10,000 people. now, the endeavour is perched atop a boeing 747 in edwards air force base in southern california it arrived from texas yesterday in a few hours it will begin its victory lap around the skies of california. the fly by here will be a
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tribute to the nasa ames employs who developed endeavour as well as the program, heat shield and wind testing as well as astronaut training. endeavour is scheduled to fly by here sometime after 9:30 or 10:00 this morning that was pushed back an hour to make sure any fog clears. right now the skies are clear. the plan is to fly as low as 1500 feet. other viewing locations around northern california and bay area include the golden gate bridge she bow space and science center, -- monterey bay aquarium down south before the shuttle heads back to los angeles where it will retire at the california science center. people will be arriving during rush hour that should make rush hour even more miserable
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than usual, again they are expecting 8 to 10,000 people. there are no more car passes here at moffett field. you can still come, you need to bring id, and you are being advised to use the ellis gate to see the event. we are shooting for 9:30 to 10:00 this morning when endeavour comes flying by on a final flight as it heads to southern california. john alston, abc7 news. thinking about vista point, other side of golden gate bridge, marin headlands, there's 8,000 places to go. >> publish your favorite spots. we want viewers to tell us where they plan to watch. in the meantime john was saying the weather looks good now they've postponed it by an hour. >> let's confirm. >> i have kids who want to play hooky, this is a big deal. the weather is cooperating
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very little in the way of low clouds and fog to start. in the sacramento valley, clear skies at 8:00, as the shuttle gets closer, 9:30, notice that we are looking at a little bit of fog here. really it is going to dissipate, we are talking about sunny conditions over the golden gate bridge and certainly down around moffett field sunshine that fog is going to disperse, the inversion is very, very weak, i think by 8:00, we'll be under mostly sunny skies, temperatures cool in the 50s. the visibility should be great out there. certainly, this time of year the fog not much of an issue we've got the last day of summer, first day of fall and the transition looking subtle between the two i'll have details on the rest of the weekend coming up. we want to know where you land to see the endeavour as it flies over the bay area. let us know on our facebook page or tweet us.
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be sure to send pictures too and video of the shuttle fly over. this morning san francisco police investigating officer-involved shooting that sparked a disturbance by demonstrators who vandalized and surrounded the mission district police station they spray painted the word "killers" on the doors of the police station protesters marched through the district making anti-police comments during the march. police say the demonstration ended 11:45. earlier, investigators say a plainclothes officer shot a pick who pulled a gun on him. the suspect was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. amy hollyfield will have a live report in 30 minutes. san rafael restaurant boarded up after an suv smashed into the restaurant yesterday afternoon a chevy
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blazer smashed into lundy's homecooking at 4th and a streets. fortunately the restaurant had closed for the evening there was a woman walking along the sidewalk who was hit and pushed through the restaurant's glass. she suffered major injuries. >> i see the driver of the car was in the car then i hear the noise was coming underneath the car, help, help! some pedestrian she was under the car. >> the 78-year-old woman was taken to the hospital for treatment. the driver a vendor at the thursday night market, stayed to cooperate with police who so far have not been filed with charges. in san francisco cesar chavez boulevard, wanted parolee crashed into the back of a delivery truck his car burst into flames three cops down the street pulled the parolee out of the car, went
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to the hospital first then he went to jail. oakland police stepping up enforcement to protect motorcyclists, extra officers will be on patrol in areas where motorcycle crashes 10 to happen they will be cracking down on -- two years ago there were four fatalities. last year that dropped to zero. this year one fatality. police say recent reduction in riders killed is partly due time proved training to get a motorcycle license. third case of chicken pox confirmed at san francisco state university, prompting health officials to provide another round of nations today on campus. there's concern about people who might have immune deficiencies or pregnant. an advisory was put off two students were dogged. police continue to hunt for gunman who oned an 11-year-old boy. we brought you this story yesterday morning luis
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hernandez was sleep when he was hit by bullets sprayed into his home he remains hospitalized. doctors say he is doing okay after several operations, no one else was hit police say the house was targeted. they are not saying why you were out there and there was a baby in the house too? >> yeah a four-month-old girl, nine in the house, one hit, the bullet went through two walls and i -- and a door. a lot of people wondering about the weather today. we are talking about very pleasant weather not much has changed in the past week even last week transitioning from one nice day to the next, live doppler showing not much in the way of low clouds and fog. around napa we have fog, take a look at temperatures, low 40s for napa and santa rosa, certainly cool to the north of us with 50s elsewhere, 56
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concord as well as oakland. look at the rest of your day warm through the 50s and 60s by noon. in fact mostly sunny with 70s appearing in east bay valleys. by the afternoon, back to 70s and mid 80s with low 60s at our coast should see mostly sunny conditions, a few areas of patchy fog around pacifica, an half moon bay then into the evening, numbers will drop off quickly, we are looking at the weekend that shows very nice weather. the first day of autumn tomorrow, once again 70s and 80s away from the bay, a little breezier for the last part of the weekend. good morning sue. >> good morning. happy friday. taking a look at your map, driving from antioch towards pittsburg good ride, 57 miles per hour. we will follow that for you. hillcrest to 242 under 10 minutes, if you are traveling from the central valley 205 tracy towards the altamont
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good there speeds at the limit to the dublin pleasanton interchange, 15 minutes from the altamont to 680/580. bart has a big promotion today, giving away $40 tickets and ice cream and cake at various stations have fun and be aware they are celebrating their anniversary muni on time, ac transit rerouting, a lot of special events over the weekend you might want to check with them. newark parade saturday and other festivals around town. big fly over today, 237 could be jammed with the endeavour fly over 101 past nasa and 85. expect delays that fly over is to happen there about 10:45 this morning across the golden gate bridge about 9:45. 5:10. san francisco has a dirty little new distinction that
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could tarnish the city's reputation as a major u.s. travel destination. the message the oakland zoo is trying to send with its big cats. the surprising ingredient an unearthed government report says could help us survive a nuclear tack. -- nuclear attack. today we are talking s and concussions, 50,000 young athletes are diagnosed with a concussion every year that can lead to serious problems. are you addicted to food? a doctor says food can be like drugs and alcohol and she will give us her
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good friday morning. live look on the embarcadero in san francisco all quiet now at 7:15 tonight down the street at at&t park. >> the giants are going to play. >> looks like it after we won yesterday. more about that and see how the weather something going to be. and of course we are watching the weather this morning when will the fog dissipate? in time to see the view of the shuttle endeavour which you should be able to see in the bay area any time after 9:30. this morning
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"good morning america" age core robin roberts says she feels energized as she recovers from yesterday's bone marrow transplant. her older sister was the donor. robin roberts was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder she completed eight days of chemotherapy prior to yesterday's transplant. >> nobody can believe it, people have in their mind all kinds of images but it is an incredibly powerful moment, inside of that syringe are millions and millions of stem cells that are circulating around and trying to find their home in robin and start growing which is what we are going to be looking for over the next couple of weeks. >> robin e-mailed her doctor this morning saying she wants to go home. "good morning america" will have more at 7:00. san francisco has earned a dubious new distinction that could tarnish our reputation. travel leisure magazine rates
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the city as the 11th dirtiest travel destination in the country out of 35. results are from a poll of 50,000 readers, new york ranks one, followed by new orleans and baltimore. i grew up in new york, my kind of threshold for dirt is way up here. so i think san francisco and i'm like i could eat off of this sidewalk compared to new york. >> has been a little grimey and dirty. my son got spat on last juke eat off our sidewalks. the readers did give san francisco high marks for fine dining. >> something else great about san francisco you have been to the mission district you have been to one of the hippest neighborhoods in america. forbes magazine ranked number hoods based on walkability, coffee shops, food trucks, farmer's markets, bars and
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restaurants and percentages of people in artistic occupations even the use of hipster language. oakland zoo hoping big cats can roar in votes for november ballot initiative that claims to upgrade or aims that up great aging facilities. the zoo is using five big cats to pitch to voters. four were rescued from the entertainment industry, a fifth rehabilitated after years in a circus. the zoo depends on holding pens to social light them. >> whether it is the walkways that -- that need to be repaired in the lion night house that needs improvement, we are looking at potential expanding tiger exhibit. >> the oakland zoo showing off the big cats to promote a ballot initiative measure a-1 asks voters to approve a $12 a year parcel tax. hrar hrafr joins us now
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certainly the -- lisa argen joins us now, certainly the weekend is upon us and the endeavour fly over is upon us. >> we've been talking that for 10 days, two weeks it is here and the weather is going to be beautiful today is the last day of summer. >> who has been talking about it for two weeks? >> i don't know. just perfect out there. right now we are looking at little in the way of fog, except for our friends in napa, not only is there ground fog, it is chilly with numbers into the low 40s for our north bay valleys, live doppler 7 hd shows we are looking at basically, a clear start out there. except for that ground fog here. look at these numbers! the nights are longer and that cooler air draining into the valleys allowing for a fall-like feel to the air. 56 oakland now, little patchy fog along the coastline, 54 half moon bay, 53 livermore,
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partly cloudy, cool this morning, sunny once again this afternoon with very comfortable temperatures. as we usher in the first day of fall tomorrow not much of a transition, subtle changes for the first part of the weekend. even the second half of the weekend, just maybe a little breezier around here, all due to this system to the north of us. continues to move to the north and east of the bay and that will allow for pretty nice afternoon temperatures. looking at pleasant numbers, mid to upper 80s once again and this will continue to influence the sierra nevada. back home, 72 in sunnyvale, 75 campbell. a little cool than where you should be for this time of year, still take a look at comfortable numbers from mountain view, 73 redwood city maybe a patch of fog around half moon bay very little, mostly sunny in the city, 65. 80 sonoma. 71 oakland.
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72 fremont. inland east bay should be carbon copy of the past several days, upper 80s, 73 watsonville, sun from santa cruz to monterey and tonight 7:15 starting out with -- that's not it that was last week. padres in town with temperatures around 60 dropping through the 50s with a clear start and slightly cooler into next week. good morning. still with roadwork in the sausalito marin city area northbound and southbound 101 primarily northbound 101 getting that picked up in a bit, one lane each on the golden gate bridge until they pick-up that roadwork on the northside that should be happening momentarily. drive times coming off the altamont pass highway 4 looking good from hillcrest to 242 east shore freeway drive, 80 westbound from the carquinez bridge to the maze at the limit. convention still south at market mosconey center another
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couple of days howard closed between third and fourth causing big delays south of market anywhere around mosconey mission street market street very slow through at least the weekend live shot of the macarthur maze flowing smoothly into the bay bridge toll, no metering lights, traffic is light headed into san francisco. the popular video sharing site introducing a tip jar feature to help moviemakers earn money off their creation allowing viewers to donate a dollar to $500 by credit card or paypal. some cafes and shops in new york are allowing a device to allow a customer to swipe card to give a preset one dollar tip. here's information to tuck away in case of a nuclear attack. somebody dusted off an old government report from 1965
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that says, beer in bottles would be safe to drink after an atomic blast soft drinks too. the bottles would be mildly radioactive but the contents would be okay. after a taste test, they concluded the flavor would be off. who sampled that? >> would you care how it tastes after a situation like that? >> you might turn to beer. it might be something you could do. >> oh terry. >> take the edge off. a's get a win but suffer a loss, we'll talk about it. >> power surge by sandoval has the giants cruising towards another title, sports is next. soccer player may not have known what he was picking up on field what lead to explosive action, coming up. >>
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. good morning. topping america's money iphone 5 arrives, some waiting in line outside stores all night. analysts say the debut will be the largest in consume electronics history apple selling as many as 10 million this weekend. even though ed a bit last quarter fed says america's net worth is now within 5% of its peak before the recession. thanks to a jump in the stock market and rising home prices. american airlines cancelled hundreds of flights and many delayed and labor trouble is major reason. airline says pilots are staging job actions many calling in sick or reporting minor mechanical problems. checks in the mail to hundreds swindled by madoff with 2 1/2 billion dollars largest pay out to the victims. that's america's money.paula fa.
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j looking out live from the camera atop the roof looking out at the bay bridge the embarcadero is not the worst place to take a look at the endeavour as it flies over get a spot where you can get an angle towards the golden gate bridge i there is going to be
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so many pictures and posters made up of that fly over the -- fly over, over the golden gate bridge. >> embarcadero will be busy because we have the giants' game tonight. the manager says he's a big 49ers fan. yesterday showed support for quarterback alex smith. he wore a red 49ers cap in the dug out. thursday we told you smith said he was fined $15,000 last year for wearing that giants' hat after games. that fine was later dropped. bochy says wearing the 9ers cap was a way of supporting smith for supporting giants. the magic number is down to three as the team gets ready to host the padres this weekend. yesterday sandoval homered from both sides of the plate his second of the game three-run shot to right field. posey followed with one of his
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own. giants completed the four game sweep of the rockies 9-2. in detroit, a's managed to salvage their finale against the tigers. in the 9th the a's blew the game open, smith hit a bases load double, oakland cruised to a 12-4 victory a's tide with baltimore for wild card lead trail rangers by four games in the west. a's open weekend series in new york against the yankees tonight. soccer game turns an explosive turn after a grenade nearly blows up in a player's hand. it happened in iran. you can see the player in the yellow on the far left picking up a black device, tossing it off the field, moments later it blows up. explosion rattles the player, certainly, narrowly escapes lose a limb if not his life,
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amazingly nobody was hurt. whoever threw that explosive, remains at large. violent encounter in the mission district sparks roving protest. next we are live with the vandal. that hit a police station. bay area braces for fundraising swings from both presidential candidate. wait until you hear how much they've already spent to get your vote. forced day off. why hundreds of
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>> good morning. 5:31 on this friday.
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we hear music in our minds good enough for in fly day, thank you for starting your day , i'm kristen sze. i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. tensions remain high in the mission district after a police officer shot a suspect last night, sparking a demonstration and vandalism. amy hollyfield joins us live from mission police station. >> reporter: good morning. right now, a clean window is happening, window washer came out 30 minutes ago to get rid of the graffiti looks like they are going to try to have a business as usual day. here's what vandals did to the station last night they spray painted the word "killers" protesters marched through the mission shouting obscenities, cursed out and taunted the police officers who cape out in riot gear and stood guard around the station. they were protesting an officer-involved shooting 8:00 last night. police say they were pursuing
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two men who they recognize as gang members and police say one of them pulled a gun. >> produced a weapon and turned towards the officer. at that the officer ordered the suspect to drop the weapon. suspect began to raise the weapon towards the officer's direction the officer fired two shots, fearing for his life. >> they are not police, they are not serving and protecting they are thugs and gangsters and murderers and they should be treated as such and tried in a court of law >> reporter: protesters didn't do any more damage in the area the police -- police department seemed to be their only target no one was hurt. on april 30th, there was an occupy sf rally mostly peaceful a group splintered off from it and smashed windows throughout the mission, does stroeug several businesses here. nothing like that happened overnight, just the police station they go as far as the man the police shot he's in
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the hospital but is expected to survive. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. contra costa sherry's investigators looking into a shooting in row guy yo last night victim adult -- in rodeo last night. victim adult male. investigators not releasing details about possible suspects or motive. bay area residents will get a chance of a lifetime today to see endeavour fly into history the schedule got pushed back one hour to avoid fog. it is leaving edwards air force base 8:15 the latest we have from nasa an. weather permitting nasa says any time after 9:30 it will be flying over oakland's space and science center, bay area discovery museum, exploratorium and hall of science a loop. then scheduled to pay tribute
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with a low fly over in mountain view where scientists have done so much work in the program years. the program has strong ties to california's aerospace industry. yesterday it flew from houston to edwards air force base in southern california where spending the night. >> it was built here in california. >> we want to know where you plan to see the endeavour. let us know on abc7 news or tweet us. . be sure to send pictures and video. -- >> the anticipation is building for the sales of the new iphone 5 in is a scene from new york city where people have lined up for days waiting to buy the highly anticipated device. sales begin there our time, 25 minutes from now. those people are so excited. back at home hundreds of apple fans are lined up in palo alto, they have to wait until 9 a.m.
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to get their phones. some have camped out all week to be one of the first. the store says 500 iphone 5's will be available today but they will get shipments in everyday. lighter is weight, thinner, faster, like we all want to be. speaker and camera are better than previous models. republican presidential mitt romney brings his campaign to the bay area today scheduled to appear at a $50,000 per person fundraiser at a private home. no media allowed in that event. he swung through in july attending fundraisers. president obama will be returning to the bay area as well for his sixth event in the past year. tickets for october 8th, concert and rally at civic auditorium on sale from $100 to $7500.
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president obama's last bay area visit also in july he spent 83 million dollars last month on his campaign. romney has spent more than 50 million dollars so far on his campaign. concord city workers taking the ticket lines 90 minutes from now to protest the first of 13 furlough fridays. you see city workers demonstrating against school funding cuts with tears. the union local that represents the emergency dispatchers claims furloughs are unlawful because voters passed measure q two years ago. union says that raised city revenue for the purpose of protecting and maintaining municipal services and claims the referendum is being ignored. you have interesting facts about the endeavour built here in california. inspired me to look up a few tidbits the -- >> this could a while. >> no just this one, the only one named by elementary and secondary students.
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>> yes. >> i bet a lot of students will take a recess break and go out and look. >> sounds good. >> now they just need good weather. >> for that we turn to lisa argen. live doppler poorly defined marine layer, good news, just ground fog in napa, partly cloudy, hayward, oakland, a little breeze in the afternoon, we will be looking at a beautiful day. the transition from summer today to fall tomorrow, hard going to notice. temperatures stay warm to mild around the bay. this morning chilly napa, santa rosa low 40s there to the 60s in higher elevations by noontime, 60s at our coast, nice and sunny, a few patches of fog south maybe around half moon bay continuing to dissipate low 70s inland. by the afternoon, we are looking at 70s in oakland, mid 80s around concord and live more.
5:39 am
tomorrow maybe a couple degrees warmer, autumn arrives 7:49, 70s around the bay sunday a little breezier, system passes to our north and east, looks like a spectacular weekend, the viewing this morning for the shuttle looking okay. good morning. live shot of the golden gate bridge right now it is light traffic configured for your commute with four lanes southbound, two lanes northbound. the shuttle fly over has a window of 9:30 to 10:30 or so, it is approximate, you can expect traffic on the golden gate bridge when it flies over to be bumper-to-bumper as people stop to take a look also off the waldo through the marina and elsewhere. accident -- 580 east past harrison stall blocking lane number two. i wanted to show you bart on time, no delays with muni, ac
5:40 am
transit has a rerouting schedule this weekend on several lines due to special events. i did want to show you when we get to it the waze map, all this traffic with the shuttle fly over you could download this free app and help you get around the traffic. past moffett field 101, 85 and 237, expect delay there is as well. 5:40. another twist in the hantavirus outbreak at yosemite park. next, the questions health officials are asking workers. discovery in the east bay that is raising new concerns about the spread of the west nile virus.
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5:four -- 5:43 friday morning picture from apple's flagship store all waiting for their iphone 5's and they are going to be getting them stpheubgs teen 1/2 minutes from right now. -- them 16 1/2 minutes from right now. a lot of excited people for the new apple product. west nile has turned up in more dead birds and mosquitoes in contra costa tornadoy. infected mosquitoes were found
5:44 am
in antioch where fogging took place wednesday night four dead birds found in brentwood, concord, two chickens from the holland tract two cases human infections in contra costa county this year. new development in the hantavirus outbreak at yosemite. health officials want to survey workers to see if they were exposed to the virus carried by highs. nine people developed hantavirus after staying in tent cabins between june and august, three died. three park employees developed symptoms, tests revealed they were not exposed to the deadly explain. health officials want to know how -- key witness this o.j. simpson murder trial now identifies simpson as the killer in an interview with the "new york post". in the criminal trial houseguest kato kaelin testified that he heard three thumps from his guest house night nicole simpson and ron
5:45 am
goldman were murdered. simpson was acquitted in the criminal trial kaelin gave more detailed testimony in the civil trial where simpson was found liable for the wrongful deaths. he tells the post the statute of limitations has passed so i can now say yes he did it. he said he was too scared to give testimony that would have helped prosecutors. does your pet need a seat belt to keep you safe? >> keep you safe? >> yes that's what it says. major announcement about the war in afghanistan. what is behind a decision to withdraw thousands of troops from the war torn region. tons of sand moved from one side of san francisco's ocean beach to the other. health benefits of tea. new research that may have you drinking more of the brew in morning, maybe instead
5:46 am
4g lte has the fastest speeds. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
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good morning. patchy fog locally we will be looking at perhaps record heat around reno today warm there 91 for the high later in the weekend possibility of showers and thunderstorms there upper 80s in sacramento, upper 60s at our coast. the fog is forming now we have
5:49 am
low clouds from hayward to oakland and also in napa, that will stick with us through the next couple of hours. marine layer expected to thin out mostly sunny skies throughout the mid-morning hours. after three years the u.s. troops who went to afghanistan during the surge are out of the country. u.s. officials say this morning the increased deployment to the country is officially over. 33,000 u.s. troops took part in the surge designed to cripple taliban and defeat al-qaeda, december 1st, 2009 at west point the president made the announcement. >> the president: as commander in chief i have determined it is in our vital national interest to send additional 30,000 u.s. troops to afghanistan. >> of those 33,000 troops, 10,000 were out by july of last year. the final 23,000 are out defense secretary panetta says roughly 68,000 americans still fighting in afghan. prosecutors are giving up
5:50 am
fight to -- to see a notebook sent to a psychiatrist. james holmes was in court yesterday, authorities released this photo of how he looks now. his hair is short, natural brown, big change from the bright orange hair we saw after the july shooting that killed 12 people. prosecutors say obtaining the notebook would lead to legal challenges that would delay the case. they might -- good news this morning for anyone who relies on san francisco's great highway for their commute or anything else. the san project that closed southbound lanes from lincoln to skyline beautiful will be completed monday, four days an -- boulevard will be completed monday, four days ahead of schedule. sand from the northside where winded piledded up too much moving it back to the -- south
5:51 am
where there wasn't enough. >> with the storms in 2009 there was a lot of erosion part of the road washed away they did temporary measures and this is another interim measure. >> project moved the equivalent of 30 olympic-sized swimming pools of sand spread it across 700 feet of coastline. officials will be monitoring what happens with the number placed sand. my guess is it is going back to where it is. >> eventually. >> meteorologist lisa argen is in for mike. i don't know if the it is realistic to put a deadline the -- on the fog lifting. >> you have that power. >> you have to be nice to me. should look good, starting out with low clouds and fog you can see it in the distance sunup at:57.
5:52 am
giving us 12 hours and 10 minutes of daylight. live doppler showing we are looking -- low cloudiness is a little around the bay from the san mateo coast, napa has fog, we are looking at following into the east bay, oakland and hayward temperatures catch your attention from napa to santa rosa, we've dropped into the low 40s. feeling like fall tomorrow is the first day of fall, today the last day of summer not much of a difference between the two, i'll explain in a moment. 50 redwood city, 54 in mountain view. partly cloudy, cool conditions this morning with sunny and mild conditions, to warm afternoon highs today and a little warmer for the first day of fall tomorrow and then by sunday, couple degrees of cooling here's the culprit, area of low pressure, also have high pressure in control this time of year the
5:53 am
inversion is weak we are looking at more sun as the low heads east warmer looking afternoon. a look at the shuttle forecast for sacramento, mostly clear, as you head to the golden gate bridge, at about 9:30, the low clouds and fog thinning out, we should see mostly sunny conditions by moffett field 10:45, sunny and temperatures in the 60s there we'll look for numbers around the bay today to mainly in the low to mid 70s here, cooler than average with plenty of sun looks good 71 peninsula, menlo park, mid 60s downtown. expect pretty major traffic impact on the endeavour fly over, golden gate bridge, they are saying 8,000 people are expected when they open the gates to view that highway 87, 238 and 101 in mountain view. right now -- 237 and 101 in
5:54 am
mountain view. two left lanes blocked serious accident there eastbound 580 past harrison for a time all lanes were blocked now reports only the right lane is blocked with this accident eastbound in the oakland area. accident eastbound 580 fortunately the noncommute direction at first and live more westbound 580 beginning to slow past the scene out of the central valley drive 20 minutes from the altamont into the dublin pleasanton interchange. 80 flowing through berkeley nicely into the macarthur maze, bay bridge toll slight delay for cash paying folks no delays on the upper deck. 5:54. cupertino, apple excited because the iphone 5 is being released today. there's some complaints which we'll talk about in the bloomberg business report. it will go on sale in six minutes in the big apple.
5:55 am
here's join king with the bloomberg business report. apple expected to sell as many as 10 million iphones during the weekend. doors opening to large crowds in australia. apple users claiming apple lost its direction with the new maps app included in the iphone 5, apple saying it is hard to correct inaccuracies after users complained. one neighborhood is mistakenly identified as an airport. some people can't get their dog to heel imagine staying in a seat belt, bill would require motorists to buckle up dogs and cats unless they are being transported in crates. new jersey among the first state in the station to ban texting while driving and could be the first to --
5:56 am
drivers regularly remove hands from the wheel to keep pets out of front seat. i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. may not think a cup of tea as medicine, but researchers do. new studies announce -- ed in washington did doctor show green tea can reduce risk of osteoporosis, especially when combined with tie , -- with tai chi. green tea can burn up to 100 calories a day. black tea has been found to be good for heart if you drink it before consuming a high fat meal. rover studying first rock, the rock nicknamed jake in honor of an engineer who worked on all the rover missions he passed away days after curiosity landed. the rocket is ten inches tall
5:57 am
and 16 inches wide it appears to be made up of common salt similar to the first mar rock that nasa's rover examined more than eight years ago. we are live at nasa ames in mountain view with the early morning excitement, thousands expected there. also the other locations you can get a view from you don't are to stay in the dark when the power goes out. michael finney shines a light on generators.
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Scanned in San Francisco, CA, USA
Source Comcast Cable
Tuner Channel 74 (525 MHz)
Video Codec mpeg2video
Audio Cocec ac3
Pixel width 1280
Pixel height 720
Sponsor Internet Archive
Audio/Visual sound, color

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on 9/21/2012